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Excellence in Allergy and Asthma Care since 1985
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Excellence in Allergy and Asthma Care since 1985
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Excellence in Allergy and Asthma Care since 1985

Welcome to Allergy, Asthma, Immunology of Rochester, P.C.

Leading physicians in the Rochester NY area.

AAIR has been servicing the Rochester area health community since 1985, with board certified Allergists who specialize in the care of adults and children with asthma, all forms of allergies, and sinusitis as well as immunologic diseases. We take pride in offering advanced forms of diagnosis and treatment based upon sound clinical investigations within our fields of specialization and evidence based medicine.

Latest News & Events

Pollen counts concluded for 2021

The pollen counts have officially ended for 2021.  We hope you found this service helpful, and look forward to helping allergy and asthma sufferers navigate the Upstate NY pollen onslaught for years to come!! 

The Teal Pumpkin Project

This year support  the teal pumpkin project and have non-food treats available, so allergic kids can have a safe and fun Halloween too!! 

Flu Vaccine and Egg Allergy

Studies show that an egg allergy is no longer a reason to avoid the flu vaccine. Most egg allergic patients will also no longer need to receive their flu shot as a flu challenge protocol with testing.