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Nasal/Sinus/Eye Allergies

Allergic triggers can be year round or worsen as the seasonal pollen comes back each year.  Untreated allergies can not only make you sneeze, sniffle, blow your nose, cause headaches/pressure, and nasal drip with throat clearing, but can contribute to fatigue, snoring, poor concentration and headaches too among other things!  Environmental modifications, and a multitude of treatment options can help you feel your best!


Most Asthma has allergy as a trigger and also a major cause of the underlying longstanding inflammation.  Finding, modifying and treating the underlying cause can often lead to improved symptoms, less long term medication requirements, and improved quality of life.  Our specialist providers diagnose, treat and offer multiple cutting edge treatments for different forms of asthma.

Pollen Counts

AAIR is the only pollen counting station for Rochester, the Finger Lakes, Buffalo and Syracuse, with the next closest location providing this service being all the way out in Olean!!  Any local pollen counts are all performed by us, and we provide this service free of charge for the local news, Democrat and Chronicle, national websites, local providers, hospitals, and anyone who is interested in following!  Follow us on Facebook for daily pollen counts as they are performed!


Hives have many allergic and nonallergic/autoimmune factors which cause the hives themselves or make them worse.  Diagnosing and avoiding triggers is essential to control, and proper medication regimen can lead to relief from the frustration, irritation, and itch of chronic hives!

Stinging Insect Sensitivity

Stinging insects can cause life threatening reactions in sensitive individuals.  These reactions have a high risk of worsening with subsequent stings.  Diagnosing properly (blood tests miss a huge portion of reactions) is essential.  Having an Epipen is good but not enough.  Allergy shots can reduce risk of worsening reaction from 60% to 3%!

Food allergy

Our Allergy specialist providers can diagnose and formulate a treatment plan for food allergies and conditions caused by allergic reactions to foods. We help kids and adults formulate a plan for avoidance, treatment and to be ready incase of emergencies!

Allergy Shots/Immunotherapy

Allergy shots are a natural way to turn off the body’s overreaction to allergens and insect venom.  It has been approved for treatment of Asthma, allergies, and venom reactions.  Allergy shots can often lead to significant reduction in symptoms, decrease in medication requirements, and are one of the few treatments that can often be stopped with continued long term benefit after stopping!

Infusion Therapy

We offer infusion and biologic injection medications for many specialties in a private, comfortable setting.  Our infusion center is staffed with experienced, specialized infusion registered nurses.  Convenience and costs to the patient and insurance are often better than hospital-based centers.  We are currently accepting new infusion patients.  For further information and a list of medications we offer, click here

Biologic Injections

We offer cutting edge therapy with biologic injections for advanced Asthma and Hives.  These include Xolair, Nucala, Fasenra, and Tezspire in addition to our infusion center therapies.  Biologic injections are administered at all 3 of our locations: Brighton/Henrietta, Perinton and Canandaigua.

Other Specialties/Services

• Allergy Immunotherapy (shots)
• Anaphylaxis
• Angioedema/Swelling
• Asthma
• Asthma Biologic Therapy
• Breathing Tests-Spirometry & NIOX
• Contact Dermatitis
• Cough
• Drug Allergy
• Eczema
• Eosinophilic Esophagitis
• Eye Allergies
• Food Allergy
• Headache
• Hives/Urticaria

• Immune Deficiency
• Infusion Therapy for Multiple Specialties
• Insect Sting Reactions
• Mast Cell Activation Syndrome
• Nasal Allergies
• Oral Food Challenge
• Penicillin Testing
• Patch Testing
• Penicillin Testing
• Recurrent Infections
• Sinusitis
• Skin Testing
• Xolair for Asthma & Hives

Skin Testing

Skin testing can help diagnose multiple environmental, food, venom and drug allergies, but only when done and interpreted by a trained allergy specialist.  Testing is well tolerated by adults and children when a caring team takes the anxiety and fear out of it and makes the children comfortable and a part of what is going on!