Updates for Allergy Asthma Immunology of Rochester, PC

September 5, 2020 10:33 am Published by

We are transitioning away from rheumatology care but will continue to be here to meet the needs of our allergy, asthma and infusion and injection patients for many years to come.

All patients seen by any of our physicians for allergy or infusion are welcome to continue receiving care with us.

Rheumatology patients who were previously seen by Drs. Kleiner or Quaidoo will need to contact those physicians or find a new rheumatologist for their rheumatology care going forward.  Allergy, asthma and infusion patients previously seen by Dr. Kleiner and Dr. Quaidoo are welcome to stay at AAIR with one of our board certified providers.

New Temporary Injection Hours:

We have recently been forced to temporarily return to a restricted COVID schedule for our allergy injection patients.  Maintenance injection patients can make appointments every 5-6 weeks.  Patients who are currently building can continue to do so at 10-14 day intervals.  We will not be able to make any exceptions until restrictions are lifted.  Thank you for understanding.  We plan to return to our normal hours and shot intervals as soon as possible.